Founded in November 2013, Bitaccess is a privately held company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Bitaccess produces the world's leading Bitcoin Automatic Teller Machine (BTM). Bitaccess partners with high potential money service businesses across the globe to allow for rapid market growth, and global distribution.


Bitaccess' mission is to provide every person and business with access to alternative financial services. We promise to develop technologies that are secure, accessible and easy-to-use.


  • Bitaccess Launches To Make Bitcoin ATMs Ubiquitous

    "Trying to make access to the world’s largest cryptocurrency automatic for the people, Bitaccess is looking to build a network of automated Bitcoin banking machines available worldwide."

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  • Apparently Canada Is Now the Bitcoin ATM Capital of the World

    "With plans to install four more machines in Canada (Vancouver, Niagara, Ottawa and Halifax), [Bitaccess] is leading the Canadian BTM market."

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  • 5 Startups to Watch at Y Combinator's Demo Day

    "The founders of Bitaccess believe that Bitcoin is the future of digital money and want to give people across the world safe access to it."

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